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18022122262    中国十佳涂料外墙品牌

about the industry
more than 80% current partners of nantian come from product fields of natural stone paint, liquid granite, artistic texture coating, rock slice paint, sand gel paint, water-based metallic paint, etc.the reason is very simple. a partner of us once said, "currently, more and more new buildings or reconstructed buildings select true-stone paint for the exterior wall. there must be a very big opportunity."

the average annual growth rate of the coating industry is 20%, and the size of coating consumption market is more than rmb 300 billion.the rapid development of china's economy drives the rapid development of real estate industry. as a must for the industry of building materials, the market will be bigger and bigger.the rural coating market has great potential. the opportunity resulted from the construction of new rural area will result in a batch of upstarts of the industry of building materials.the construction of security housing more than ten million sets per year will renew the growth rate of coating market, thus resulting in a larger market size.the whole house painting projects and old house refurbishment projects have led to a revolution for coating selling, making the sales amount for each customer rise to rmb 8,000 from rmb 1,500.comparing with other building material industry, the coating industry has low threshold, requires low investment, and results in good return.

about the cooperative partner
whether we can realize win-win of both parties fundamentally depends on our cooperative partners.the true-stone paint industry contains a very big opportunity. to actually take this opportunity, we must find a cooperative enterprise with the most powerful comprehensive strength in terms of r&d, production, service, brand, core competitiveness, etc.only cooperating with the industry leading and top enterprises can help you become a professional, powerful, and large scale enterprise with great influence in your local area!
about nantian
nantian has a r&d team with  strong strength, because it owns a batch of professional scientific and technical personnel working on technical research of chemical sciences. therefore, its independent ability of research and development is at a internationally leading level. it has introduced a complete set of high-tech process and production equipment from japan. it owns advanced detecting instruments. it has hired international coating experts to act as production technology directors and consultants.currently, nantian has established a comprehensive technical cooperation relationship with dabao coating joint-stock company from inchon, south korea, which owns rich experience in research, development and production of coating.. this company provides the most advanced technologies for r&d of products and has sent a top-grade technical team residing at nantian for guidance and technical support.

development history:
    1997: zhongshan nantian coating co., ltd. was established;
    1998: the two trademarks "qanyee and secae" were registered successfully;
    2003: the gold medal products (qanyee and secae) of the company were elected as "credible quality product of zhejiang" by zhejiang provincial administration of quality and technology supervision;
    march, 2009: elected as a member of zhongshan federation of industry and commerce (general chamber of commerce);
    march, 2009: made contribution to school construction in yunan county, guangdong province;
    october, 2010: became a council member of guangdong association of quality inspection and participated in  relevant work of the association in long term
    march, 2012: won the honorary title of "outstanding supplier of building materials for national indemnificatory housing" from china building materials circulation association (cbmca);
    june, 2012: general manager zhu yandi was elected as vice chairman of the first council of guangdong yunfu chamber of commerce;
     won the honorary title of "brand subject to nationwide consumers' satisfaction in product quality" of 2013-2014, granted by chinese consumer network;
     won the iso9001:2008 management system certificate in six straight years;
    won the prizes of "guaranteed and satisfied brand for nationwide consumers" of 2015-2017 and "chinese famous brand";
    may, 2014: won the certificate of "organization member of china building decoration association"; and the brand "qanyee" was recommended by (china building materials portal) as "top-10 paint & coating brand" of 2015;
    may, 2014: start the management reform project;
january, 2015: signed a technical cooperation agreement successfully with dabao paint from south korea to research and develop the "korea color stone" series products;
    april, 2015: became a member of guangdong coating industry association;
    april, 2015: won the title of "top-100 outstanding enterprise of china";
    2015: won the title of "recommended product for engineering constructions of china";
    2015: won the 6th gold paint prize: "top-10 exterior wall coating brand of china" and "top-10 artistic coating brand of china";
    march, 2016: introduced advanced equipment to carry out production management reform, and established the 6s management mechanism
    september, 2016: upgraded trademarks of "qanyee and secae"
    march, 2017: won the title of "national exemplary integrity organization in product and service quality" and "national industrial quality leading brand"